Digital Collectibles

Torque Motorsport Digital Collectibles are an exciting new way to engage with motorsport and gaming, allow for true ownership of items outside of any one game world.

How is supply determined of limited edition items?


Supply of the Torque Motorsport Digital Collectibles has been based on real world data as much as possible. For vehicles, our team will find public production numbers of these cars in real life and create a supply ratio across the models collections.

An example using the Nissan 180sx with a collection supply of 2,500

SR20: 2101

Type X: 230

Type X Aero: 152

Sileighty: 17

This is then broken down even further into the specific paint codes that the cars were release in per spec/submodel

The 180sx TypeX as example

Super White: 133

Ultra Red: 4

Yellow: 1

Super Black: 20

Silver Ice: 58

Deep Purple: 14

How is rarity determined?

Vehicle digital collectibles have a rarity associated with each spec/sub model. These rarities are derived from data we have collected of the real world production volume of those vehicles and split between the Supply of the model collections. See Supply.

Common > 1501

Uncommon 1001 <> 1500

Rare 501 <> 1000

Ultra Rare 251 <> 500

Epic 51 <> 250

Legendary 2 <> 50

1:1 1