An immersive motorsport game set in Japan, the birthplace of Drifting.
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Exclusive Nissan vehicles:
Proudly Announcing Nissan’s Collectibles in collaboration with Torque Motorsport now available in both Standard and Limited Edition versions. Starting with the 180sx and the Fairlady Z34.
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Explore our catalogue of upcoming Torque Drift 2 licensed cars and parts including Nissan, Subaru, NRG, Konig, Rohana, Kansei and many others. Watch your favourite items for a chance to win them for free!
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Torque Drift 2

Torque Drift 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the successful mobile game from Grease Monkey Games.

From the colorful drift scene of Tokyo streets to professional competitions sponsored by global brands, Torque Drift 2 invokes all aspects of drift culture and offers an experience as diverse and dynamic as the motorsport itself. From nostalgic nightscapes to major league championships, your drift style and gameplay choices will determine your legacy as a drift legend.

With extensive profile and garage customization options as digital collectables, linear and open-world environments, a powerful suite of player custom creation tools, and a multitude of feature support for both single and multiplayer experiences, Torque Drift 2 aims to offer a ‘play-your-way’ experience that players can define for themselves.

The game will have continuous releases of interactive experiences such as a tuning garage open to players starting as early as Q3 2023, with the full featured release of the game staged for 2024. Paired with continuous player feedback via Discord and social media platforms, we will ensure we build the ultimate dedicated drift game that the motorsport deserves.

COLLECT a range of digital items from cars and parts to tournament victory trophies.
CUSTOMIZE your car's interior, exterior and driver avatar to make it your own.
COMPETE with other real players in real-time through intense head to head battles or tournaments, with a crew, or on your own.
CREATE your own paint jobs, events, car tunes, track layouts, challenges and more to use yourself or share with friends.
CONNECT with other players across the globe through crews, car meets and virtual car communities.
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