Torque Drift 2: Update 0.5.0 - Release Notes

31 Oct 2023

Update 0.5.0 - Release Notes

This is another very large milestone for us. We’ve been developing and tweaking this first version of driving since the start of production 2 years ago and we are now pleased to be able to release it for initial feedback.

There are several different elements that need to be developed and aligned for a high fidelity driving game to come to life, vehicle mesh quality, texturing, lighting, engine audio, environmental audio, smoke animation, customisation, damage, tire physics, control type assists etc etc (I could go on!) The challenge comes with not only building a system that can achieve this for a single car, but how to build one that combines all unique parts of a car and their individual properties to create the final sound and driving experience of 100’s of cars.

We have focused on the controller experience for this release as that is the most common control type for PC. Although we have made significant development for wheel sim rigs as well, a number of rigs are accessible currently although more work is needed. Stay tuned for more news on this and an official release with support.

With all that said, there’s still a lot to do! And this is very much the beginning. We want you to be part of the journey to continue to fine tune the experience moving forward so please do let us know what you think via discord or the feedback form available in game.

Thanks for your ongoing support! ~ Billy


Since the beginning of Torque Drift 2’s development, our vision has been to build an experience that captures the intensity and elegance of drifting in real life. From building our own real drift cars to understand vehicle behavior, to rebuilding our whole technology stack from the ground up, we are incredibly excited to show you the first step towards that vision.

This isn’t the end of the physics development, however, and we take all feedback very seriously so please make your opinions known on the Torque Motorsport Discord server or via the feedback form in game. We would especially like to thank all of our Torque Drift 1 community for their support and feedback throughout development, we’re excited to hear what you think of this new reimagined version of the game!

You can access drifting in the new Driving menu of the garage with the 180sx CA18 and the 370z Series 1 available to drive.


Of course, drifting wouldn’t be much fun if there weren’t tracks to drive on. To that end, we’ve also been hard at work to bring you a new and improved free roam version of Irwindale and Long Beach.

Long Beach, California

Long Beach is an iconic part of the Formula Drift circuit and, now, one of the first tracks in Torque Drift 2. Like TD1, you’ll be able to explore the standard track as well as get around to the parking lot connecting it.

Irwindale, California

Much like Long Beach, Irwindale is an iconic part of the Formula Drift circuit. Unlike TD1, however, Irwindale has been expanded out to reach most areas surrounding the main track.

New Watchlist Cars

Expanding off of the cars of 0.4, you can now watch list the classic Skyline R34 and 400z. Additionally, we’re making Chris Forsberg’s Nissan Z watchlistable as one of our new pro cars. Make sure to add them to your list to get updates on their availability.

Nissan Skyline R34

Nissan 400z

Chris Forsberg Formula Drift Nissan Z

UI Navigation Update

GMG has signed many cars and part brands for Torque Drift 2 over the years and we want to be able to showcase every single one to you as clear as possible.

Our new navigation is now able to break down cars and car parts into categories for easier flow where you simply need to drop through the Brand - Model - Spec - Colour menus to navigate through the currently available vehicles. Additionally, we have redesigned the way the main menu functions, giving you a cleaner and easier way to navigate in the game with different control types.


As we add more and more cars and brands to the game this area will become increasingly helpful to quickly navigate to your desired vehicle or part.


At the model level, easily navigate through all the different unique types of vehicles within the game


Within Torque Drift 2, we don’t just build 1 specific model of a car, we faithfully reproduce many of the real life specs of the car that were produced in real life. Including some more unique production vehicles like this Kanagawa police car!


Each production vehicle was created in specific paint codes, we have researched and cataloged these to showcase the exact production paint codes that were available for each spec, creating the most realistic historical representation of these vehicles ever seen in a motorsport video game.


  • Changed garage banners to newly signed brands
  • New tooltip information has been added to all the relevant tabs of Torque Drift 2


  • The default resolution of the game is now 1920 x 1080. Previous options are still available in the settings menu

  • Fixed some material errors that weren’t loading correctly

  • Fixed vehicle light intensity to be softer

  • Various fixes for the displaying of thumbnails

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