Torque Drift 2: Update 0.4.0 - Release Notes

10 Oct 2023

Update 0.4.0 - Release Notes

This new update builds on the game's core foundations to introduce several new part categories from our licensed brand partners that can be watchlisted within the garage and on the Torque Motorsport website.

We are also proud to showcase the very first look at the highly customized real life Pro cars of Formula Drift competitors Odi Bakchis and AdamLZ, and a handful of new stock cars including the new 2022 Subaru BRZ and the classic Nissan 240z

We hope you enjoy this release! Be sure to watch list all of the parts you want for your build so you’re ready when they become available.

Thanks for your ongoing support! ~ Billy

New Watchlist Assets

One of our main goals with Torque Drift 2 is allowing you, the player, to be able to customise your car to a level unseen in other motorsport games. To that end, we have been hard at work unlocking more parts and cars. Like the previous assets, be sure to watchlist any to get updated when they’re available.

Tow Straps

Front mounted Tow Straps from NRG are now available to watchlist.


Bodykits from 2F Performance and Liberty walk for the 180SX and 370Z are now available to watchlist.

Steering wheels

Steering wheels from 326 Power, Grip Royal, Momo are now available to watchlist.


A range of new stock 240z models plus the first appearance of 2 Pro Formula Drift vehicles of AdamLZ and Odi Bakchis

Alloy Scaling

Wheels are quite a technical challenge when designing a customisable and tunable motorsport game. There are often several different sizes and offsets per wheel and not all cars can fit all wheels, this gets even more challenging when you consider the full brake and rotor customisation that Torque Drift 2 allows for.
With all these requirements in mind we have built a realtime alloy scaling tool that will adjust things like wheel size, offset and concaveness to cater towards different vehicle needs. As always, we try to stick to what the wheel spec availabilities are in the real world.

Currently, you can only experience this tool when you change the different parts that make up your wheel but eventually, you will be able to tune each wheel in finer detail to suit your build.

Smaller Changes

Loading screens

To combat any lingering black screens while the game loads in a scene, we have integrated a new loading screen which is now applied to all scene transitions and environment changes.

Tow nodes

With the addition of tow straps to the visual part customisation, we’ve added a tow node to the front and rear of the cars visual wireframe. As we’re only releasing towstraps this update, we’re locking the rear node and leaving the front unlocked.


  • Fixed a bug where hover states of thumbnail assets between keyboard and mouse were stuttering
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnails where the asset wasn’t showing outside the thumbnail bounds if already hovered
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails weren’t updating properly if scrolling through the list too quickly
  • Fixed a bug where enter wasn’t allowing parts to be equipped while hovered
  • Fixed a bug where moving through thumbnails quickly stopped them from popping out
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping orbit camera from rotating around
  • Fixed a bug that reset the fader when changing scenes in the photobooth
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails were overlapping
  • Fixed a bug that made spoiler unable to be unequipped on the 180SX
  • Fixed a bug where cars spawned in the ground on certain photobooth scenes
  • Fixed a bug where scene thumbnails didn’t have the whitebox around them to confirm they’re in use
  • Fixed a bug where photobooth scene thumbnails were stretched vertically
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails didn’t have the correct lighting
  • Fixed a bug where changing scenes too quickly makes the game load assets from both
  • Fixed a bug where owned items were labeled as preview
  • Fixed a bug where navigating between photobooth scenes crashed the game
  • Fixed a bug where enter didn’t equip items
  • Fixed a bug where the stock 180SX exhaust tip wasn’t owned by default
  • Fixed a bug where the photobooth bounding boxes appeared when in 360 mode
  • Fixed a bug where dragging any item selectors would select random assets from the list
  • Fixed a bug where nodes overlapped and showed the wrong text
  • Fixed a bug with the keyboard UI for the photobooth not using the correct keys
  • Fixed a bug where controller navigation was resetting the garage menu to cars regardless of what was used by the player
  • Fixed a crash that happened when logging out in Photobooth
  • Fixed a crash when assets don’t have a brand icon
  • Fixed a crash that happened when someone took a photo in photo booth
  • Updated the pop up dialogue to fit theme and design
  • Updated the sign in layout
  • Updated the drone camera roll max to be between - 15 and 15 degrees
  • Updated the Exhaust tip node position to stop overlapping with the rear diffuser
  • Updated the button text for paintshop button
  • Updated the wing node name on the cars visual exterior wireframe to Spoiler
  • Updated the alloy node name on the exterior visual wireframe to say Wheel
  • Updated the controller settings button to settings instead of share
  • Updated the preview only textbox to be easier to understand
  • Updated the 360 photo booth camera to change arm length based on objects in the way
  • Updated the brand logos to be larger in the info panels
  • Updated the Crews discord banner location
  • Improved horizontal scrolling for better optimization
  • Improved the info box information and template
  • Improved the performance of the dynamic thumbnails
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