Torque Motorsport Partners with Valvetronic Designs

03 Apr 2024

Torque Motorsport Partners with Valvetronic Designs

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Valvetronic Designs, providing high-end exhaust systems for a wide variety of high performance cars. This partnership will allow over 300,000 Torque Drift 2 gamers the ability to customize their cars sounds to how they like.

About Valvetronic Designs

Valvetronic specializes in high-end exhaust systems that focus on providing their customers with the best possible sound. Valvetronic takes pride in their valved systems giving customers the option to change their exhaust sound on the go! WIth an entire catalog devoted to exhaust products it’s clear that their highly skilled engineers have only one goal, to unleash the true sound potential of performance cars.

Valvetronic rumbles into TD2

With a focus on sound and appearance Valvetronic comes into Torque Drift 2 showing what exhausts are truly made of. With a wide variety of tips and exhaust systems coming soon prepare yourselves to find your car's true sound.

How you can participate

Wishlist Valvetronic exhaust tips now with purchasing becoming available post 0.8 update. Choose from a wide selection of Valvetronic’s beautiful exhaust tips. Many additional exhaust tips and systems on the horizon from Valvetronic inside of Torque Drift 2.


Following the recent release of our latest update “0.8” which was aimed at delivering a more playable experience for all players in Torque Drift 2, Torque Motorsport intends to bring more to Torque Drift 2 with update “0.9”, focussing on gameplay and internal currencies within the game. Stay tuned for any updates on up and coming releases and we urge players to continue sending through valuable feedback that will shape the future of Torque Drift 2 for the better. We thank every single player who has had the chance to give our game a go.

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