Torque Motorsport Partners with Toyota

14 Mar 2024

Torque Motorsport Partners with Toyota

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Toyota, the largest automotive manufacturer in the world, creating over 10 million vehicles per year. This partnership will allow over 300,000 Torque Drift 2 gamers the ability to modify, drive, and drift their very own Toyota performance vehicles!

About Toyota

We all know who Toyota is, but how much of an impact will they make inside of Torque Drift 2? Toyota has a massive range of vehicles with our focus being on their performance division. With one of the most renowned racing teams in the world, Gazoo Racing at the helm Toyota is making massive strides into performance vehicle technologies. With a large list of hit classics such as the AE86 or the MK4 Supra and newcomers such as the GR86 and GR Supra, Toyota is a very important inclusion inside of Torque Drift 2.

The power of Toyota inside Torque Drift 2

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing has made some incredible technological advances with their 3 and 4 cylinder engines in cars such as the GR Corolla or GR 86. Torque Drift 2 will be supporting some of these new cars but also many of their well known JDM hits one such being the legendary straight 6 platform inside of the Mk4 Supra.

How you can participate

From the release of update 0.8 you can wishlist the GR 86 and MK5 Supra with purchasing becoming available very soon. Many other important Toyota performance cars on their way in future updates so stay tuned for your favorite Toyota entering Torque Drift 2.


Following the recent release of our latest update “0.8” which was aimed at delivering a more playable experience for all players in Torque Drift 2, Torque Motorsport intends to bring more to Torque Drift 2 with update “0.9”, focusing on gameplay and internal currencies within the game. Stay tuned for any updates on up and coming releases and we urge players to continue sending through valuable feedback that will shape the future of Torque Drift 2 for the better. We thank every single player who has had the chance to give our game a go!

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