Torque Motorsport Partners with Kansei Wheels

13 Dec 2023

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kansei wheels, a brand built from the ground up by passionate wheel enthusiasts, creating simple yet durable wheels for those who love to enjoy their sports cars to the fullest. This partnership will allow over 200,000 Torque Drift 2 gamers the ability to modify, drive, and use Kansei Wheels on their vehicles!

About Kansei Wheels

Kansei wheels provide easily accessible wheels made from quality materials designed with simplicity in mind and manufactured to withstand anything a car enthusiast can throw at them. Predominantly focusing in the tuner era of wheel fitments, Kansei has always focused on what the spirited driver would want, providing a wheel solution to the traditional classics of drifting and mixing elements of modern technology. Kansei Wheels offer iconic designs such as the KNP, Roku, and Tandem; with additional models being released each year.

This partnership with Kansei wheels allows us to truly enhance the visual experience for all players within Torque Drift 2. Whether you’re someone that has only just gotten into drifting or a die hard veteran of the sport, you will love what Kansei wheels has curated together with their collection of wheels designed for someone that wants to push their car to the limits. With the wide variety of Kansei wheels coming to Torque Drift 2 you can expect to have an option that will compliment any car you choose and modify in the garage!

With the release of our 0.7 update fast approaching you will have the option to purchase Kansei’s amazing selection of wheels. With many other features releasing with this update there will be no better time to show off your new Kansei wheels!

We appreciate everyone's support throughout our early access journey, without the help of all of you we wouldn’t be able to team up with amazing brands like Kansei wheels!

For media inquiries, please contact: | Marketing Advisor

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