Torque Motorsport Partners with Honda

22 May 2024

Torque Motorsport Partners with Honda

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Honda, an automotive manufacturer with a legendary legacy in cars and motorcycles. This partnership will allow over 380,000 Torque Drift 2 gamers the ability to modify, drive, and drift their very own Honda vehicles!

About Honda

Founded in 1948, Honda has always strived to create affordable cars that are accessible worldwide. Honda's passion for motor racing has been central to its success, with its first motorcycle winning a Grand Prix in 1961. As the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda didn't stop there and eventually began producing cars, leading to the creation of Acura, its American luxury division. Acura went on to develop iconic models like the NSX and other luxury vehicles. Over the years, Honda has focused more on economy cars, but the Civic remains a testament to their performance car heritage.

The history of Honda inside of Torque Drift 2

Honda’s involvement in Torque Drift 2 shows the importance of automotive history and the progressive approach we are taking to highlight all the key technologies that sprout from it. Honda’s impressive VTEC engines are just a smallI part of why Torque Drift 2 is taken to new heights with Honda. Giving players the ability to feel the amazing power band and lightweight nature of cars like the S2000 is what Torque Drift 2 is all about.

How you can participate

From the release of 0.9 you can purchase the S2000 or the brand new Honda Civic Type R and experience them for yourself! Don’t worry other classic Honda’s will be coming in the future like the NSX and various CIvic’s such as the legendary EK Civic.

Experiencing Honda’s in Torque Drift 2 is like no other car with great performance no matter what you do with them!


With 0.9’s recent release there is no better time to jump into Torque Drift 2 than now! With a whole new ingame currency named ToFu built for players to earn and purchase new drift cars!

An introduction of leaderboards and a brand new game mode “freestyle” has set the stage for how we will be releasing future game modes.

With 0.9 out of the way, we focus our attention to an even larger, feature packed update 0.10!
Keep your eyes on our socials leading up to this release there's a lot to look forward to coming soon in Torque Drift 2!

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