Torque Motorsport Partners with ACT

11 Feb 2024

Torque Motorsport is thrilled to unveil our partnership with Advanced Clutch! ACT, born from the passion of automotive enthusiasts, epitomizes a dedication to precision, simplicity, and thrilling driving experiences.

Since 1994, Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has been a leader in high-performance driveline components. Specializing in top-notch clutches and flywheels, ACT integrates cutting-edge engineering and superior materials. Their commitment to quality and reliability has earned them a stellar reputation in the performance aftermarket scene, making them an excellent choice for drifting enthusiasts.

This partnership with ACT provides you the opportunity to upgrade your car as you progress through Torque Drift 2. In game each clutch will have a unique set of benefits and limitations to customize how you want your car to feel and perform. Enjoy the wide selection of ACT parts inside of Torque Drift 2 further enhancing your virtual drifting experience!

With a few options available to view inside of Torque Drift 2 now’s the time to plan out how you want to upgrade your car's performance! Choosing an ACT clutch will provide you with an excellent performance choice for your car.

Torque Motorsport is coming out of the holiday season strong, working on our next update 0.8! With this update we strive to bring players not only crucial fixes to enhance your drifting experience but also more amazing cars and parts from brands you know and love! We thank every single player who has played and supported us so far, without you we wouldn’t be able to partner with such amazing companies!

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