Torque Drift 2: Update 0.9.0 - Release Notes

30 Apr 2024

Hey everyone,

Billy here! I'm thrilled to share the official 0.9 update with all of you. This update is a big leap toward finalizing the core systems that we've been building together over the past few months and is based on your incredible feedback across our socials (PS, join our Discord & subscribe to our Youtube!). We’ve rolled out a brand new in-game currency, new game modes, ways to compete, customization options, and direct rewards you can earn just by playing. Plus, we’ve worked hard on enhancing the game's performance so more folks can enjoy it on more PC configurations than ever before!

Can’t wait for you to check out everything that's new and we’re stoked to hear what you think!

Here’s What’s New:

Freestyle Game Mode

Welcome to Freestyle, the first of many new game modes! It's all about drifting through as many clipping points as possible before time runs out. Improve your score by mastering drifts, close calls, wall taps, and transitions. With Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro levels, there’s something for everyone to challenge themselves and earn maximum XP.

To maximize your clipping point score, drift through them with as much angle as possible.

  • Blue clipping points add a multiplier of 0.1X as well as a base score based on angle of up to 1,000
  • Gold clipping points add a multiplier of 0.5X as well as a base score based on angle of up to 5,000

Multiplayer Leaderboards

It’s time to see how you stack up against your friends and drifters around the world. We reset the leaderboards weekly, so there are always fresh chances to top the charts and win rewards. Remember, hitting the Pro level in freestyle at venues like Irwindale and Long Beach is your ticket to leaderboard glory. (psst, we plan to launch a weekly competition with first place getting free ToFu! Follow us on Instagram to get the deets)

New Currency - ToFu

Meet ToFu (Torque Funds), your new in-game currency! Earn ToFu by showing off your skills in freestyle or making a splash on the leaderboards. Spend your ToFu in the shop for new cars and parts, or grab some extra bundles directly if you need a boost. You can find the ToFu bundles within the ToFu Shop that is accessible from the status bar in the garage!

The Shop

We've revamped the shop to make it easier than ever to find and buy what you need without digging through your garage inventory. This is just the start—more improvements are coming! Find your next car, or swap out your new favorite set of wheels here. Start collecting as your expo..err, we mean shop starts to take shape!

For the Modders - Brand New Tool

We’ve introduced a slick new road tool that simplifies track creation from start to finish. Snap terrain and customize the road material to create the track of your dreams. Check out our new guide over at to get started.

Abilities include: terrain snapping functions to create unique topography along with material changes based on what you think is best!

Pro Cars For Sale In The Shop!

  • AdamLZ S15
  • Chris Forsberg Nissan Z
  • Odi Bachkis S-Chassis
  • Sammit S-Chassis

New Cars Available In The Shop!

  • Nissan R33 - Available in Torque Drift 2 Shop!
  • Toyota Chaser JZX100 - Available in Torque Drift 2 Shop!
  • Toyota MK4 Supra - Available in Torque Drift 2 Shop!
  • Honda S2000 - Available in Torque Drift 2 Shop!
  • Honda Civic Type R - Available in Torque Drift 2 Shop!

New Game Additions

  • Enhanced road feel for Sim Rig players

  • Adjusted the position of the ‘Map Wheel’ button in the controls menu so it’s easier to find

  • The Community tab has now been renamed to Mods

  • Added a Patch Notes link to the login screen

  • A new custom road tool for the TD2 ModKit

  • Added a new setting to scale or turn off Skid Smoke (found by setting Overall Quality to Manual)

Fixes/Optimisations For Torque Drift 2

  • Made several performance improvements across the game, including track optimisations, in particular for Low-Medium quality settings

  • Updated the Mod Browser UI

  • Fixed a bug where players would feel each other’s controller vibrations in Multiplayer

  • The Midday_Clear lighting scenario for the ModKit now works as intended

  • Fixed some stock car parts appearing for other cars

  • Updated the Parts menu wireframe to be easier to navigate

  • The Bug Report link should now work as intended

  • Added new colliders in Hakone to limit accidentally flipping your car

We’re so excited for you all to dive into these updates and let us know how they’re working out for you. Your feedback is what helps us keep improving and making Torque Drift 2 the best it can be. Thanks for being such a great community, and see you on the track!

Warm regards,

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