Torque Drift 2: Update 0.8.0 - Release Notes

22 Mar 2024

Multiplayer support for modding

With this release, we’ve added support for multiplayer lobbies for modded tracks. You and up to 3 other friends can finally send it sideways on our growing list of user-created tracks. For fans of the original “Torque Drift” be on the lookout as we are also releasing some more tracks from our catalog within this update. These fan-favorite tracks will play the same as they did back in the glory days but now feature improved lighting, all thanks to the new game engine that Torque Drift 2 is built on.

This also means a new Modkit for mod creators, so be sure to check out our page here for more details.

Physics changes

We have made various changes to our physics for controllers and wheels to further enhance the driving feel across the board.

  • Tweaked the steering wheel Force Feedback (FFB) feel.
  • Added different tire compounds depending on the vehicle.
  • Increased straight-line stability and overall grip.
  • Reworked vehicle weight boxes.
  • Updated throttle control feel.
  • Updated controller assists based on feedback.

LZ Compound Access

We would like to thank every single one of the 300,000 players who played TD2 over the past few months. If you played LZ’s Compound at any point between the 13th of December 2023 - 29th of February 2024, you will be granted access to the Compound track for free! This will be granted to you by a free AdamLZ Compound keychain that will be added to your account and viewable within the profile menu of TD2. For those of you who missed out, fear not! You can still gain access to the “LZ Compound'' via joining your friends who already have the keys, or by purchasing the “AdamLZ Compound Keychain” which is available now! See here for more details.

Drift UI/Camera Update

In this update, we have cleaned up our in-game driving UI to ensure it is accessible and clear to our players, we hope you enjoy the new look. Now we have a simple bar that shows your current combo multiplier, your points total is on the left and the current points are in the center below your multiplier bar.

This includes several new combo multipliers designed for multiplayer including Tandem and Door Dives. Please note that these combos are still being worked on so expect to see some adjustments in future updates.

New Cars (Watchlist)

With this update, we have introduced the following new cars.

  • Nissan 350Z
  • Mazda RX7 FC
  • Nissan 2000GT Hakosuka
  • Toyota GR86
  • Mazda MX5
  • Toyota Mk5 Supra

New Performance Parts (Watchlist)

You can also check out the new performance parts in the shop! These are not ready to purchase yet, but can be added to your watchlist so you are one of the first to know as soon as they are released

  • Differentials
  • Angle kit
  • Gearbox

New Brand Parts (Watchlist)

Since our last release, we are pleased to announce that the following brands have signed on and we have the latest collections ready for you to add to your watchlist

  • Grip Royal Shifters
  • Status Racing Seats
  • GReddy Turbochargers
  • Vitour Tires
  • GrindUSA Air Suspension
  • 326Power Spoilers

New Additions

  • Added more graphics options in the settings, to help you find the right performance tune for your PC.
  • Reworked the Menu filter system and added the ability only to see what you own.
  • New loading screens.
  • Pop-up now appears when players haven’t got the required mods to play in multiplayer.
  • Signs are now destructible on “Hakone”.
  • Player name tags now appear above cars within Multiplayer lobbies.
  • New pop-up dialogue within multiplayer lobbies to show when players join and leave.
  • Music now plays when driving.
  • New camera angle for Sim Rig players.
  • Added an automatic transmission.


  • Performance improvements for Nvidia GPU cards.
  • LZ’s Compound and Hakone performance increase.
  • Various audio fixes.
  • Lowered interior camera for most cars.
  • Added DLSS support.
  • Limited camera bounds in Photobooth to reduce the likelihood of getting the camera stuck in certain places.
  • Increased drifting smoke.

Known Issues

  • When selecting “Caliper” in the “Rear Brakes” node only on the left side of the car, it shows the “wheel” item switcher instead.
  • Mods using the “Midday_Clear” Lighting scenario will be pitch black when playing in-game.
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