Torque Drift 2: Update 0.7.0 - Release Notes

14 Dec 2023


One of many big additions for Torque Drift 2 coming in update 0.7.0 is the inclusion of our new track “Hakone”.

Heavily inspired by its real life counterpart, Torque Drift 2’s Hakone track puts you in a togue style run, with many different turns to master. Get out there and see how well you can handle the track. The team has been hard at work creating this huge track, and we can’t wait for you to finally be able to play it!

Adam LZ (Preview) - Part of 250k Celebration

We’ve heard you loud & clear and we know that you're excited to be able to finally play on this exciting new experience.

That’s right, the LZ Compound is finally here, but for a limited time only!

Players who miss out, do not fret. You will be able to gain access to the compound at a later date if you purchase the “Nissan S15 AdamLZ” Pro Car.

Important Note: Players who do not gain access to the compound after the specified end date, will only be able to play on the compound if they join a lobby that is being hosted on the map. It will not be available for players to Host or play in single player if they do not own the map.

Modding support

We have been talking about adding modding support since our early access release earlier this year and we’re happy to say that we have included it in this update! Currently you are able to create your own tracks using the modkit provided on our team at We look forward to seeing all the amazing tracks you create!


We’re super excited to announce the release of multiplayer in this update! Play with up to 3 of your friends! To play with other players simply use the "Create a Lobby" feature found in the "Lobby (beta)" menu, or the "Join Using Code" button.

You can also invite your friends through Discord if you’re already used to using invites this way.

New Purchasable Cars & Parts

Scoring System

We heard you all loud and clear so we’ve brought you a very early take on what scoring will look like in Torque Drift 2. If you’ve played Torque Drift 1 this scoring system will be quite familiar to you.

Start drifting and your score will be multiplied based on how you’re drifting. Pretty simple right?

In this Iteration your score will be determined by these factors:

  • Proximity to the wall

  • Duration of drift

  • The angle of the drift

  • Whether it’s a reverse entry

  • Whether it’s a clean entry

  • Drift transitioning

This system is not final and will be expanded further in the future. You can help us shape this feature by heading over to our Discord and leaving some feedback in our dedicated TD2 Feedback channel!

Performance Parts preview

We get it, folks have been seeing all these locked icons in our parts wireframe and you’re all thinking “Please let me customise this part”

Well we listened, and we’ve included five new part categories that you can add to your wishlist now!

The new wishlistable parts are:

  • Turbo

  • Intake

  • Coilover

  • Clutch

  • Intercooler

Removal of Paintshop Preview

We thank every player who tested and left feedback for our Paintshop preview. We will use this feedback to bring you the best Paintshop experience we can. So please stay tuned, in a future update the Paintshop will return.

UI/UX Overhaul

Due to the release of multiple new tracks, modding and multiplayer we have introduced some awesome new UI changes to help you navigate through various options with ease.

  • New track selector menu has been added for practice and multiplayer.

  • New Community tab which has built in support to make browsing and subscribing to mods easier

  • Added a "Reset Car" button in the pause menu


  • Updated audio for all cars

  • Updated audio to be more accurate with rev limiter bashing

  • Adjusted various values for our drifting physics

  • Updated input to throttle response curves


  • Fixed camera clipping issues

  • Fixed an issue in Long Beach where barriers were not spawning properly near the boom gates on the lower level of the car park

  • Fixed an issue in Long Beach that caused cars to hitch on the gutters within the multi-storey car park

  • Fixed the positioning of multiple cars in Long Beach within the multi-storey car park.

  • Fixed an Issue on Irwindale where extra barriers were spawning in front of the narrow path in front of the sponsor signs, preventing players from accessing that area

  • Closed some out-of-bounds exploits

  • Fixed a bug causing the lighting to be very bright in interior view on Long Beach

  • Fixed an issue where flipping your car while in bonnet view would show under the bonnet

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