Torque Drift 2: Update 0.6.0 - Release Notes

24 Nov 2023

Before anything else, we would like to thank each and every one of you. Without the support from players, we would not be able to keep producing such a high quality game. What we’re doing here is tough, tedious, and sometimes downright a pain in the butt. But the reception from the community and the feedback in our Discord keeps us pushing forward and we couldn’t be more thankful for each of you as we continue this journey. With that said, take a look at the updates for 0.6!

Thanks for your ongoing support! - Billy, COO of Grease Monkey Games


Due to the tireless efforts of our Development team, it’s now possible for you to purchase and drift new cars and customisation options. Currently, there are only a limited number available though more are on the way.

Going forward, you will have the opportunity to purchase assets whilst inside the game or on the Torque Motorsport website. Both will take you to a new purchase window on the Torque Motorsport website. This page displays two separate ways you can purchase the car - Standard or Limited Edition.

Standard Purchases

The familiar way to most players in purchasing is through the Standard edition, which will allow you to drive, customize and compete with the purchased car. In much the same way as purchasing DLC for a game, this will unlock the standard version of the car variant of your choice, giving you the ability to own and play with the cars you want in Torque Drift 2!

Limited Edition Purchases

For players that want more unique uses for their item, they will be able to purchase the limited edition version. Limited Edition hosts the same incredible customization found in the standard version plus so much more. Players who purchase our limited edition models will have the opportunity to own special edition colors, trade their vehicle in our in-game marketplace, and much more. Limited edition purchases will allow you access to real life e-commerce discounts on the brands you support in game while also giving you access to future brand sponsorships!

Be sure to get in early as these are limited for a reason!

Purchasable Cars

Navigation Update - Item Purchasing

With purchasing now available, the states for thumbnails have been updated to better showcase what you can do with each item. For those familiar with our previous designs, they’ll notice that the watchlisting icon has been changed and the ‘In Stock’ and ‘Sold out’ states have been added. In addition to these changes, you’ll also notice that assets are tagged with an ownership graphic as well as the amount of variations you currently own for that particular item. You will also see that Currently owned cars now show up on the left of the selection screen to allow for easy access when needed.

These changes have come about as a way to assist players in tracking their collection of cars and parts.

Wheel Support / mapping

With this update our driving and physics team have been hard at work addressing feedback from the community, including the addition of an extra menu within the controls settings panel. Now you will have complete freedom to change your sim rig controller mapping.

New driving camera options

As many know, driving can best be experienced from multiple different perspectives based on the controller, monitor and circumstances of the day. So, we made it a high priority for 0.6 that you have the freedom to change these camera options by toggling the Y button Xbox, Triangle on Playstation or Tab on keyboard.

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