Torque Drift 2: Update 0.2.0 Release Notes

10 Aug 2023

Update 0.2.0 - Release Notes

Hey Drifters! We’re excited to announce the release of Torque Drift 2 v0.2.0!

This release marks a significant milestone for us. For the first time, we are introducing hundreds of parts and several cars from our licensed brand partners. Utilizing the latest lidar scanning technology and CAD models direct from manufacturers, our artists have reached a new, unprecedented level of detail that these cars and parts deserve.

We’re also taking several steps to bring you, the community, into the fold by introducing the new ‘Feature Previews’ as a way to open up dialogue and feedback.

Thanks for your ongoing support! ~ Billy

Watch List

Over the past ten years at Grease Monkey Games, we've had the pleasure of working with some of driftings' most well known brands. In Torque Drift 2, we are working with them closer than ever to create an experience never before seen in gaming. Watchlisting is our first step in connecting you with them, allowing you to view upcoming products and opt-in to receive notifications. Whilst still in its infancy, our intention is to show you the vast scope of customization that we’re committed to delivering.

For our first iteration, you can expect to see:

You will be able to preview these parts within the car customisation menu of the garage, as well as on the website, via the Store Page.

There are 200+ parts you can register your interest in for this release, with 1000’s more on their way. Only once you’ve added them to your watchlist can we let you know of their upcoming availability, so be sure to watch anything that interests you!

Patch notes:

  • Watchlisting has been added to car parts customization
  • 200+ parts have been added to the game that you can add to your watchlist
  • You can preview watchlisting parts on cars
  • Watchlist cars and parts to be notified when they are available
  • Watchlisting has also been added to the Torque Motorsport website via the Profile area

Feature Previews

Games have come a long way in the last 40 years. Games like the original Super Mario had their content and code locked off months prior to distribution with no ability to update. As the industry has developed and technology has evolved, we're now able to develop games over a much longer timeline and, more importantly, develop them alongside the community that will play them.

With that in mind, we continue to look at new ways to focus on your needs. ‘Feature previews’ is one of our answers to this, where we show you behind the scenes content that is still in development, so you can have your say even before it's implemented.

For 0.2.0, we’re excited to give you a behind the screens look of the decal editor! All you need to do is head to the paintshop tab in Cars and follow the link to the web browser. From there, you should be able to see the full scope of what we hope to achieve. The great part about this process is that you can write to us directly on things you think are missing.

This functionality is very much experimental and not something we have seen done before, so we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Patch notes:

  • ‘Feature preview’ is now available through paintshop in the cars submenu

Music Player

To celebrate the launch of the official Torque Drift 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack, Vol. 1 on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, we’ve added an in game music player. The soundtrack features a range of music genres including Phonk, House, Chill, Trap, Bass and Downbeat that we produced alongside the incredibly talented team at Samplify. Working with many fantastic producers and vocalists across the world, Samplify has given this soundtrack a sense of authenticity that we feel suits the gritty and exhilarating world of drifting and motorsport.

In 0.2.0, you will be able to see the artist and track name of each song in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and access a link to the album via the sound tab in settings. We hope you feel the love and attention we put into these original tunes!

Patch Notes:

  • The music player has been added to the game
  • The music player will play the Torque Drift 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack
  • You can now access the Original Soundtrack through the Settings menu
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