Subaru x Torque Drift 2: Where Rally Meets Drift Gaming Excellence

15 Sep 2023

Subaru has been long celebrated in the automotive world for its exceptional performance, symmetrical all-wheel drive system, turbocharged BOXER engines and unwavering reliability. But what really makes Subaru stand out is its pedigree for creating high-performance cars, particularly the BRZ RWD platform that has set the drift scene on fire.

Now, we’re thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration that brings Subaru’s cars into Torque Drift 2, hosting some of the best automotive brands in the industry. With this exciting collaboration, players can now immerse themselves in the vast variety of Subaru’s vehicles and aftermarket components within Torque Drift 2. This provides an incredible opportunity for enthusiasts to recreate their real-world Subaru configurations within the gaming realm. Dive deep into the game to experience the meticulous details of Subaru's offerings, all beautifully rendered IN-ENGINE.

We’ve also given our online store a fresh makeover, making it more user-friendly than ever before. Head over and explore the parts you need for your real-word Subaru builds today!

Our interactive garage is now available for download from our website, ready for your immediate exploration. And for our eager gaming community, the full game is set to be released soon on Epic Games. This version will receive ongoing updates, so ensure you're tracking our progress and are poised for each new launch.

Stay in the driver's seat with our newsroom for up-to-the-minute announcements. Engage with us as we gear up for the eagerly awaited public launch of Torque Drift 2. We're beyond thrilled for you to witness the game in all its glory!

About Torque Drift 2

Torque Drift 2 stands as a blockchain-powered racing game, immersing players in a hyper-realistic drifting adventure. As the designated on-chain gaming platform for Formula DRIFT, Torque Drift 2 pledges to provide a genuine racing encounter that caters to both Web2 and Web3 gaming enthusiasts. Its PC release in 2024 marks just the beginning, with plans for console availability in the pipeline. This thrilling racing experience is an integral component of the larger REVV Motorsport metaverse, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge racing games.

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