Torque Drift 2 Premium Keychain: Ready, Get Set, Mint!

12 Jul 2022

Congratulations on making it onto the Torque Drift 2 whitelist! A standard keychain NFT will be airdropped in your wallet on July 14 (PDT). Note that It may take up to 24 hours for it to show up in your wallet due to processing time. Now, let’s seize that premium keychain NFT and enjoy a bunch of in-game perks in the future!

Premium Keychain NFT

The premium keychain NFT unlocks further benefits including a complimentary bobblehead NFT to be airdropped at a later stage; unique in-game player titles; paint jobs and decals; access to member-only sales, and an exclusive VIP discord channel.

Priced at 2500 REVV with a total quantity of 5,000 pcs, the premium keychains will have the 1st private sale starting from 14 July 4pm (PDT) with a release of 1,500 pcs, and two more private sales after that at later dates, with a release of 1,500 pcs and 2,000 pcs respectively.

Premium Keychain Allocation

This utility NFT can hold additional ornaments in-game and will be shown on players’ profile customisation options. Keychains can also be spotted in a player’s garage, on their race suit belt during matchmaking, and in their car’s ignition while driving.

So, how do I “Mint” a Premium Keychain?

The creation of new NFTs is referred to as “minting”, and the steps involved with minting your premium keychain are not too different from buying something on eBay.

First of all, you need to have enough funds to mint/purchase in your digital wallet.

1 x premium keychain costs2500 Polygon REVV, which is roughlyUSD$43(approx. as of 12 July 2022). Now, you might be wondering what is “REVV”.

REVV is a utility token used to mint Torque Drift 2 NFTs and is part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. REVV exists on multiple different blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. As Torque Drift 2uses the Polygon (Matic) Blockchain, we’ll make sure in this tutorial you purchase the correct one.

You can think of REVV like a type of in-game currency like diamonds, gems, or Bullion in Torque Drift 1. However, you can’t purchase REVV directly with traditional currencies (like USD or JPY). Instead, we can use the Blockchain network to do a swap with the Polygon MATIC token, which is another type of cryptocurrency, similar to bitcoin.

Unlike many games with in-game currencies, REVV is a currency that also has monetary value outside of the game world. One of the biggest pros of REVV is its cross-title acceptance. Outside of Torque Drift 2, you can also use it in other motorsport titles such as REVV Racing, MotoGP Ignition, and more games to come.

So in summary, the process is USD>MATIC>REVV. Using an online converterwe know that 2500 REVV is approximately US$43 (as of 12 July 2022), now we can get to work.

Topping up your wallet on the Polygon Mainnet with MetaMask

STEP 1: Open MetaMask

Head into the Metamask app on mobile or open the MetaMask app in your browser.

STEP 2:Ensure you’re on the Polygon Network:

If you’re not on the Polygon network already, tap the network name at the top of the screen
Tap “add a network”
Add Polygon Mainnet
You should now be able to see Polygon Mainnet showing up at the top.

STEP 3: Buy Polygon MATIC

Tap the “buy” icon and select “Polygon MATIC” to buy. Make sure you are on the Polygon Mainnet.

You will need roughly US$43 (as of 12 July 2022). You should always double-check the conversion with a trusted converter, such as this one.

As part of your purchase, you may be required to fill out KYC (Know your customer) which will involve verifying your identity. You can read more about this process here.


Tap “swap’, choose REVV, get quotes and you are now set! Make sure you have at least 2500 REVV!

Minting the premium keychain

While in the MetaMask app, use the built-in browser to go to
Tap on the hamburger menu on the top
Tap “link wallet” and follow the prompts. You should be able to see the “minting” option once you connect your wallet, tap on “minting”
Select the number of premium keychains you would like to mint and tap “mint”, follow the prompts and there you go! You are now a proud owner of the Torque Drift 2 premium keychain!

We understand this is quite a process. Luckily there are many people (including us!) that are working to streamline this user experience to help make things easier. So watch this space!


Torque Motorsport Discord FAQ section will have live support starting from 14 July 4pm (PST) for at least 3 hours (depending on the demand). Make sure you reach out if you are stuck!

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