Grease Monkey Games Teams Up with Yellow Speed Racing, Bringing Unmatched Suspension Dynamics to Torque Drift 2!

19 Oct 2023

In the high-octane world of drift racing simulation, Grease Monkey Games is renowned for delivering adrenaline-fueled experiences that captivate players around the globe. Today, they're shifting the excitement into overdrive by announcing a groundbreaking partnership with automotive performance pioneers, Yellow Speed Racing (YSR).

Recognized for their excellence in engineering top-tier suspension and handling upgrades, YSR has established itself as a force within professional racing circuits. Their dedication to innovation, manifested through relentless research, development, and an impressive suite of products like premium coilovers and high-performance brakes, resonates with racing aficionados worldwide.

Elevating the Virtual Drift Experience

This collaboration marks a new era for Torque Drift 2, as YSR's technical prowess will be harnessed to revolutionize in-game car handling and suspension mechanics. Players will gain an unprecedented level of control, allowing them to tailor their drift vehicles’ dynamics like never before.

What does this mean for Torque Drift 2 enthusiasts?

  • Enhanced Handling: Experience the realistic impact of top-quality suspension on your drift car's performance. Fine-tune your ride to handle just as you desire, making every race a unique adventure.

  • Authentic YSR Components: Immerse yourself in a world where genuine YSR upgrades are at your fingertips. Optimize your car's suspension systems with components that professional racing teams trust.

  • An Edge in Competition: With YSR’s advanced technology, gain a competitive edge in your drifting battles, utilizing superior car control and stability to dominate every corner and turn.

A Community Revving with Excitement

As we gear up for the 0.5.0 release of Torque Drift 2, the excitement grows everyday. This partnership isn’t just about enhancing a game; it's about elevating the entire experience. It promises players the thrill of integrating YSR's elite performance upgrades into their virtual drift machines, transforming not just their vehicles, but their standing on the global stage.

The Grease Monkey Games community is at the heart of this exhilarating journey, and we're just getting started. Players can look forward to more updates, surprises, and cutting-edge enhancements as we drift closer to the release by following along our social channels.

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About Grease Monkey Games

Founded in 2013 and based in Australia, Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has emerged as a powerhouse in the world of game development. With a focus on blending the digital realm with the raw intensity of Motorsports, their creations have seen over 45 million downloads, marking an indelible footprint in the gaming industry.

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