Grease Monkey Games partners with Mishimoto for Torque Drift 2

26 Feb 2023

I’m super excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Mishimoto once again to bring their range of intercoolers, intakes, shifters, tow hooks and lug nuts to Torque Drift 2.

I’m personally a massive fan of Mishimoto as a brand and also of their parts, whenever I see modified cars at meets with the Slanted M through the grill I know the owner isn’t skimpen on parts!

We’ve been working with Mishimoto for a number of years now since the first launch year of Torque Drift 1 and they were among some of the first aftermarket car part brands that we signed and began working with which has been an absolute pleasure.

Torque Drift 1 was much more limited in its customisation and so we were only able to feature their intercoolers, though with the new game we have many more options! So you can look forward to Mishimoto being spread around the in-game store in both the performance and visual customisation areas of the game.

From Billy, COO of Grease Monkey Games

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