Grease Monkey Games partners with Feal Suspension, enhancing customisation in Torque Drift 2

04 Aug 2023

Since 2007, Feal Suspension has been dedicated to servicing and tuning dampers, setting them apart by focusing on enhancing and maintaining their products rather than solely selling coilover kits. Their unique approach includes rigorous testing in various motorsport disciplines, including Autocross, road racing, rally, and professional drifting. By using this data in the most demanding environments, Feal continually fine-tunes and improves their products to deliver top-notch performance no matter the application.

Having already featured in Torque Drift 1, we’re excited to expand upon Feal Suspensions range of offering in-game and allow players even more customization options for their builds in Torque Drift 2! Take a look at these detailed renders of how the coilovers will look in-game:

With this addition to our already incredible range of official brands, we’re one step closer to bringing players a true to life experience to build their cars in Torque Drift 2! We’ve recently rebuilt our online store and you’ll be able to find Feal Suspension along with all our other brands for your IRL builds here!

Our playable garage is right around the corner for you to try, but our Premium Keychain Holders already have exclusive access to the first playable demo! Continuous updates will be added to the demo preview, so be sure to follow along and stay tuned for progress updates!

Follow our newsroom for the latest announcements and stay connected with us as we approach the highly anticipated public release of Torque Drift 2, we’re so excited for you to see what the game looks like!

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