Grease Monkey Games Partners with BC Racing to Enhance Customization in Torque Drift 2

08 Jul 2023

Grease Monkey Games is thrilled to announce its exciting collaboration with BC Racing, a renowned supplier of off-the-shelf and bespoke suspension systems. This partnership aims to bring a wide range of high-quality and accessible parts to Torque Drift 2, significantly expanding the customization options available to players.

BC Racing has established itself as a leading brand in the drifting and car enthusiast community, known for its diverse product offering and involvement in the motorsports community. Founded in 1999, BC Racing has become a prominent supplier of all forms of high-quality products and have gained a strong reputation in the drifting and car enthusiast community.

At Grease Monkey Games, we share a passion for motorsport involvement and supporting a diverse community base through the games we develop. We are delighted to introduce BC Racing's esteemed parts catalog into Torque Drift 2, opening up a world of possibilities for players to enhance their in-game cars. With BC Racing's expertise, players will be able to fine-tune their suspension systems and experience both on and off the virtual track.

In anticipation of the public release of Torque Drift 2, we are excited to announce that the first playable demo is now available exclusively to our Premium Keychain Holders. This milestone brings us one step closer to introducing a multitude of successful motorsport brands to the Torque Drift 2 experience.

Be sure to follow our newsroom for the latest announcements and stay connected with us as we approach the highly anticipated public release of Torque Drift 2.

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