Grease Monkey Games partners with Nexen Tires for Torque Drift 2

11 Aug 2023

Grease Monkey Games is proud to announce our partnership with Nexen tires for Torque Drift 2!

NEXEN Tires is a renowned tire manufacturer from South Korea that kicked things off back in 1942. Cranking out all sorts of tires for cars, SUVs, trucks, NEXEN's all about innovating the best tires for safety, performance, and eco-friendliness. Utilizing a large network of factories and distributors to sell their tires all over the globe, meaning drivers everywhere can roll with style and confidence.

Their collaboration as a tire supplier for Formula Drift not only demonstrates their dedication to explore & innovate in new spaces, but also grants them valuable insights to craft superior tires suitable for both high-performance scenarios and everyday usage. With a forward-focused approach, NEXEN Tires entry into this space perfectly aligns with their visionary outlook.

Through the implementation of Nexen tires in Torque Drift 2, players will be able to access an even wider range of rubber to make their ride their own! This partnership means that players will now have access to the same rubber that your favourite pros use on their drift cars! We’ve also recently rebuilt our online store and you’ll be able to find products for your IRL builds here!

Our playable garage is right around the corner for you to try, but our Premium Keychain Holders already have exclusive access to the first playable demo! Continuous updates will be added to the demo preview, so be sure to follow along and stay tuned for progress updates!

Follow our newsroom for the latest announcements and stay connected with us as we approach the highly anticipated public release of Torque Drift 2, we’re so excited for you to see what the game looks like!

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