Exciting Collaboration Unveiled: Adam LZ

02 Oct 2023

Adam LZ joins forces with Grease Monkey Games for an unprecedented gaming experience!

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Adam LZ and Grease Monkey Games! You read that right. This partnership is set to bring a host of unique experiences never-seen-before to the racing enthusiasts and gaming community.

Adam LZ, a world known automotive content creator and driver, has become a staple name in the world of drifting and motorsport. Over the past year, he’s announced a drifting competition that’s worldwide, captured his first championship in the FormulaDrift circuit, and aims to build some of the most unique cars ever seen in 2023.

With this collaboration, players will not only have the chance to drive Adam LZ's iconic cars in-game but will also get the unique opportunity to race against him, enhancing their virtual racing journey in Torque Drift 2! The excitement doesn't end there; in a first-of-its-kind initiative, fans will have the golden ticket to drive Adam LZ’s real-life racing machines right in Torque Drift 2!

The Adam LZ compound playable experience is set to launch Oct 30, 2023. Follow us to stay up to date on this incredible experience!

This pioneering partnership reflects our commitment to elevating your gaming experience, merging the virtual and real racing worlds, and offering you an authentic and immersive journey with Torque Drift 2! Our online store has been revamped, featuring apparel and all our partner brands for your IRL builds here - shop.torquemotorsport.io

Looking to play Torque Drift 2 early? Download our first playable experience “The Garage” directly from the site today and jump in! Continuous enhancements and thrilling updates are on the way, so gear up and stay tuned for progress updates!

Follow our newsroom for the latest announcements, and stay connected with us as we race towards the highly anticipated public release of Torque Drift 2. We can’t wait for you to experience the adrenaline rush and all the exhilarating features the game has to offer!

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