Brace yourselves, Chris Forsberg is joining Grease Monkey Games in our quest to bring you the ultimate drifting experience!

10 Nov 2023

Torque Motorsport is excited to announce an exciting partnership with Drifting Pro, Chris Forsberg. This collaboration is set to bring you the player, an experience like no other, incorporating Forsberg’s incredible talent and drifting knowledge inside Torque Drift 2!

Three-time Formula Drift Champion, Chris Forsberg is considered the ironman of the sport, competing in every round of Formula Drift since 2004! From teaching himself how to drift to becoming the owner, lead driver and shop manager of Forsberg Racing you could say he’s done an absolutely tremendous job paving the way for the sport. During his time competing in Formula Drift he has conquered the competition becoming the competitor with the most head to head battle wins and podium finishes since his start in drifting.

What Does This Mean For Torque Drift 2

Through this partnership, players are able to get behind the wheel of Chris Forsberg's competition Nissan Z, created with detail in mind you won’t be able to take your eyes off it! Torque Drift 2 gives you the ultimate digital version, an almost perfect replica of the real car!

Prepare to feel the full 1300hp of Forsberg's ridiculous Nissan Z, just calling to be sent through any corner!

Conquer the world of drifting just like a pro

With the recent release of Drifting to Torque Drift 2 it’s time to experience what it feels like to be behind the wheel of some of the most wild drift cars ever seen in the sport! Torque Drift 2 is about bringing real-world drifting and experience into the most accurate representation of drifting in the world of video games.

Prepare to Stay Sideways with Chris Forsberg

We hope you’re ready to get sideways with Chris Forsberg and his awesome Nissan Z coming soon to Torque Drift 2. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking announcements and updates that will continue to elevate your racing experience.You can download the early access of Torque Drift 2 for free on Epic Games store now.

About Grease Monkey Games

Grease Monkey Games, a trailblazer in the realm of digital motorsports, continues to drive innovation and passion in the gaming industry. Since its inception, the company has captivated over 45 million players worldwide, establishing itself as a leader in creating experiences where the line between simulation and reality blurs.

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